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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soluziona Philippines

About Soluziona Philippines

Soluziona Philippines is an international professional services firm offering total service in business transformation and information technology. We are the Asia-Pacific subsidiary of Soluziona Internacional, a global network of consulting firms operating in 47 countries.

We provide expertise in the fields of Management Consulting, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, e-Consulting, Applications Development and Strategic IT Outsourcing.

Our key value is in the knowledge and innovative skills of our people: over 7,500 professionals who have developed their successful experiences into expertise at helping clients implement change through strategic management thinking and proven integrated solutions. This knowledge is the best resource that we share with our clients.

Welcome to knowledge, Welcome to Soluziona.

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Anonymous said...

Soluziona is a great company for people fresh out of college. The compensation is great. Bigger than any other companies in the Philippines.

The work load is also not that difficult, at least depending on the project you'll be assigned in.

Majority of project in Soluziona is under Meralco. If you are assigned in a Meralco. You have too go in at 8am but you are out by 5pm.

Anonymous said...

Ang downside side dito ay once a year lang ang promotion at hindi siya solely based sa performance mo. Based siya minsan sa ganu ka na katagal sa company.

Management of projects here are not one for the books. Baka pwede sa case studies na nagshoshow na kung anung mangyayari kung walang proper planning.

I think many of the managers and leaders are given the position ng "hilaw" pa. And sometimes, the training given to you will not make you a competent IT professional.

Minsan, maraming madaling work. At binabayaran ka kasi tamabay ka lang sa office.