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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


SITEL approaches every customer interaction as an opportunity to build your brand and strengthen the customer relationship. With customer contact centers across the globe, we are geographically positioned and uniquely prepared to deliver added value to your business by providing exceptional service to existing customers and building your business through the addition of new customers.

Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience touching every point of the customer relationship lifecycle, SITEL has developed a set of global best practices that ensure consistency in technology, human resources, and operational management in every site. Supporting this consistency is a client-centric organizational structure providing a single point of accountability for our clients' solutions.

As one of the few companies with the scale, expertise, and technological resources necessary to serve the worldwide needs of both small and large corporations, SITEL supports the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies of many of the world's most successful companies.


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Jobs Jobs Jobs said...

Manila, Philippines 06/22/2008: Since the merger, there was a huge promise that having two companies work together in a partnership will be beneficial for everyone. Unfortunately, this didn't really happen. They took over and everything was changed...not for the better but for the worst. Some changes: agent, supervisor and manager pay. Because of tough competition, one would think things would be at least "competitive" in terms of rates. But, because of the work being given to each person (regardless of what level you are at), the compensation doesn't measure up to what is fair. The process of training bonds for agents is also not humane. Just to keep people from leaving, they will take away a portion of the pay until 6 months. Is that legal? They should have a sign posted stating "We will work you to death." as a marketing slogan. The work environment is dependent on what site you work in. Sleeping quarters and clinics are not enough for the demand. Transportation isn't considered for the safety of its employees. Supervisors are not given the tools they need to be effective in their work. In other words, the bare necessities are forgotten.

The benefits are good at the very least. Medicine and HMO is good to have. A pharmacy is put into place for a huge discount for employees. A lot have said this and at least that's a point for the company.

Overall, it's not good for the "heart". If you don't mind working for a company that will save money just based on pure dollars without looking at the bigger picture...then go ahead. My thoughts? If they keep on doing what they are doing, then they will lose good people in time and eventually fail to compete with their counterparts in the field. Long isn't worth it.