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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

eTelecare Global Solutions

eTelecare Global Solutions has become a leading contact center outsourcer as a direct result of core competencies that meet our client's business needs for today and tomorrow.
eTelecare Global Solutions addresses your challenges with: • Unique strategic insights that streamline operations;
• Strong, data-driven connections to your customers; and
• Powerful continuous improvement strategies.

eTelecare Global Solutions staff is dedicated to your program and its success, backed by extensive training, rigorous oversight and a fully-redundant network. eTelecare Global Solutions handles millions of calls each year and our experience will help ensure your program’s success.

Outsourcing with eTelecare Global Solutions will introduce your company and your customers to a new world of quality, value and exceptional customer care.

eTelecare Global Solutions was named as one of the Offshore 100's Top 10 Leaders in Human Capital Development by NeoIT, the leading offshore advisory and management firm and CMP's Managing Offshore, the monthly newsletter for global sourcing managers.

eTelecare was named the Outstanding Employer of the Year, a very prestigious award from the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), the country's leading association of over 1000 companies engaged in human resource management.


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