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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Litespeed Education Pte, Ltd

Litespeed Education Pte, Ltd. (LES) is an educational company founded in 1998 and managed by a group of ex-teachers. With a focus on innovation, Litespeed has been featured in the press and media. It has won awards for its educational products and services, i.e. The Catch Them Young Sports and Academic Program and Dr. Grammar.

Litespeed's value proposition to Singapore schools is not just to provide a knowledge box, but to provide schools with a box filled with a suite of services, content and technologies. All these are innovatively integrated with the purpose of collaborating with each and every school to achieve their ability-driven vision.

Litespeed is proud to be the only educational company that has received TEC support and the Innovator's Award at the PS21 Excel Convention in October 2001 for it's Diagnostic Tutoring Assessment System (DTAS). DTAS is found in Litespeed's 1st e-learning product, Dr. Grammar. Launched in August 2001, Dr. Grammar is now used in several schools in Singapore and regional countries like Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Litespeed has also won the TEC Award in 2002 for its second innovation – the Intelligent Content Assessment Marking (ICAM) System. ICAM is able to mark open-ended content and accurately profile a learner's performance. With the potential of saving thousands of man-hours marking open-ended scripts in English and Science, this technology wowed over 30 Primary Schools in a TEC supported trial. We hope to empower all schools with these innovations to facilitate a faster and smarter way of learning.


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