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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chase Technologies Corporation

Chase Pacific Technology, now incorporated as Chase Technologies Corporation (CTC), is a leading provider of bar code, automatic data collection and business management solutions.CTC ensures stock availability of wide product offerings from brand quality names in competitive prices. Through the expertise of our sales engineers, programmers and technical staff, we provide systems integration, software solutions, and service support.With 13 years of experience in IT, CTC is a recognized distributor and partners of Metrologic Laser Scanners, Datamax Barcode Printers, Cipherlab Auto-ID Products, Ithaca Receipt Printer and equipment.

With our unparalleled AHEAD Point of Sale Management, you can learn how your business can get up to date information, improve gross margins, implement effective stock control, adopt responsive purchasing, avail of other profit opportunities, and secure rapid transactions.

Tapping us would enable you to enjoy unparalleled service, warranty up to three years for selected equipment, back-up units, on-site service, phone-in support, on-line support, on-site repair, in-house repair, after sales support and maintenance support. All these are possible because we have staff who are adequately prepared to handle specific equipment and any problems related to their operation.

Among our satisfied clients are established manufacturing, retail, educational, corporate, government, bank, and utility firms.Our product are also available through a network of revelers, system integrators and software companies in many areas in the Philippines.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good for newly grads for career exposure. 1-2 years is enough. Not good for long term employment due to poor compensation packages and volatile company organization.